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Film Industry

film lights and camera

Film Industry

Acting Up Entertainment Industry Resource - acting resources, screenwriting resources, production resources, musician resources, photography resources, film and filmmaking resources and entertainment industry reference sites from all over the world wide web.

www.ActionCutPrint.com - Film Making Resources - Free Ezine for Directors - Film and TV Bookstore.

AssistantDirectors.com  Your Film Industry Resource on the Net.

BigScreenBiz - aimed at the theatre industry.  Movie exhibitors and their vendors find this site very helpful as do any other business persons in the movie industry.  A source of constant information, including Forums, Directory Page, Classifieds, Release Chart and more.

ExtrasForMovies.com - Film and Television Production Support Services.  Wanted Extras, Talent, Animals & Entertainers.

Fastshooters.com - offers free opportunities for Short Feature film-makers to present their work to a broad, worldwide audience.

Film Tech: the industry's site to talk shop.

Filmjumper.com - Movie and Filmmaking related links directory from A - Z.

Entertainment Jobs, Work In Film & Television Production - Filmstaff.com is Film and Television's Premiere Entertainment Job Network!

Filmmaking - Movie Filmmaking.

FlixUSA.com - Discussion and Networking forums for entertainment professionals.

Green Room Orlando: a filmmaker's online resource.

www.LightsCameraActing.com - Founder, J. Robin Miller (Lydia on General Hospital), brings talented working actors to Orange County to teach on-camera audition technique for film, TV, and commercials.

Media Movers, Inc. - www.media-movers.com  Full service localization company offering services in dubbing, subtitling, voiceovers & production in Asian, Indian & European languages.

Topics covered include video & television production, audio work, still imagery & graphics, website design and more.

www.mevproductions.co.uk   Features  *  Shorts  *  Music Promos  *  Showreels  *  Sutton Film Festival  *  Post Production.

MovieMaker - The art and business of making movies.

The Official Graffiti Verite' Website - This site is dedicated to the Multi-Award Winning Independent Films produced and directed by Bob Bryan for Bryan World Productions, LLC.

http://www.ondespirale.com - Onde-Spirale is a group of talented people that compose music for films and television.  Many tracks to listen to in free streaming audio.

Promotional Photo Duplication: Wholesale publicity & promotional photo reproduction, posters copies, 8x10 glossy duplication, photo business cards, cassette inserts, for bands, musicians, actors, models, celebrities, and manufacturers.

Raindance exists to discover, foster and champion new talent and audiences, the lifeblood of the film industry.

www.Smileycrew.com  : An Indie Film Crew that doesn't suck.  Check out the never ending hilarious antics of Smiley Crew Productions, and their many shows and movies.  Also join their on-going quest to end MTV, and revolutionize comedy in the world.  Remember, this DOESN'T SUCK!

Tail Slate: The Source for Film Knowledge
Read articles and essays on the craft of filmmaking, as well as reviews of the latest films, DVDs, and film-related books and post your own comments.

UniqueTracks Royalty Free Music - Royalty Free Music for use in filmmaking and video production.  UniqueTracks provides background music CDs and MP3 downloads for use in film, Flash multimedia and digital video editing.  We also carry an extensive royalty free classical music library of real symphony orchestra performances.

Webmovie.com Links

Variety.com Entertainment Industry News

Hyperionics, Screen capture and image editor

#1 Screen capture and image editor HyperSnap-DX
Hyperionics, home of screen capture and image editor
HyperSnap-DX, HyperCam screen recorder (screencam) and more!

Australian Film Commission

The AFC website is the major gateway to Australian film and television on the Internet.  Providing access to over 600 sites, it is a valuable resource for both screen industry professionals and film enthusiasts.  http://www.afc.gov.au

Hollywood Scriptwriter Magazine

Hollywood Scriptwriter magazine (HS) is a solid resource tool for screenwriters, producers, directors, and book-to-movie writers.  In HS you'll find articles that help you accomplish your goals or give you insight on what's going on in the film industry.  Don't miss reading the Specialty Sections!

Omegalive.com Production services

Omega Productions has been providing production services for the Television, Record, and Film Industries since 1973.  Live concert Video, DVD & HD Services.  Live entertainment event management.

www.studio1productions.com - Audio and Video Products

Manufacturer and Reseller of High Quality Audio & Video Products for the Video and Film Industries Since 1993.

Student Filmmakers site

Productionhub.com - Online resource and Industry Directory

www.inktip.com uniting the writer and the producer

FilmcommissionHQ for regional media support referrals and location expertise

Post Mortem Studio Rentals
Post Mortem Studio Rentals - Authentic Autopsy, Morgue, Mortuary,
& Medical Equipment.  Custom Corpses, Caskets, & Headstone Props.

The Writers Store

Glidecam Industries - camera stabilization systems

www.moviex.com - acting resources, career guides, and casting info movie extras/actors

Trevanna.com: New York's online resource and lifestyle directory for the film & television production community

CrewPix.com - The home of Film Crew Culture online

www.CreativeMakeup.com - Makeup Artists

CreativeMakeup.com - Makeup Artist for Film & Television. Providing & creating custom artworks, makeup & onset production services since 1988.  What makes us unique: “Our company believes in using traditional filmmaking production techniques to create classic films & entertainments that audiences will enjoy & last for generations.”

Film and TV Connection

Film & TV Connection: an entertainment industry school with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major film studios, video production companies, radio and TV stations, recording studios and record labels.

focusfilms.com logo Hocus Focus Films, Israel           Andrew Lock, Freelance Lighting.  Gaffer for Film and TV

IndieClub, #1 Filmmaker and Videomaker Networking Site!

Independent Filmmakers                Shades of Day

www.ScriptPimp.com - pipeline into motion pictures         PlanetShark

Mindstar Prod. Cinergy Motion Picture Prod. System

Mindstar Productions is the creator of the Cinergy Motion Picture Production System.  Cinergy is an “integrated” production management system consisting of Script Editing, Budgeting, Scheduling, On-Set Shot Logging, and Post Production modules. Additionally, Mindstar has made available, free of charge, it's Cinergy Script Editor application, which can be downloaded at http://www.MindstarProds.com

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