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Do you have a manuscript, novel, novella or
short story you would like to see
adapted to screenplay form?

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Coverscript's  Adaptation  Premise
Evaluation  Service

1.  An honest appraisal of the basic concept of your novel, novella or short story.  Does it lend itself to the screenplay form?  Is it marketable?

2.  A proposed “Log Line” for the adaptation.

3.  A preliminary “similar property” search.  Has it been done before?  Is it currently in production?  It's important to get these questions answered.

4.  If warranted, several pages of notes exploring how the idea might be successfully developed and exploited.

5.  If warranted, a proposal for having your works adapted to screenplay form by a competent ghostwriter.  Coverscript will not propose ghostwriting services unless we honestly feel the time and money would be well spent.

-  Prices  -

(All materials should be double-spaced)

Short stories up to 80 pages ------- $185.00

Novellas up to 200 pages ----------- $265.00

Novels up to 400 pages ------------- $345.00

Coverscript's  Ghostwriting
Adaptation  Services

Our ghostwriting services, when offered, are in “phases”.  Clients pay for each phase of development separately and may terminate the process at any time.  This insures that clients are well satisfied at each step along the way to a completed screenplay.  Prices for each phase vary depending upon the nature of the project.

Phase 1
Research and Treatment

Once the practicality of adapting your original work to screenplay form has been established, the next step is: “research and treatment preparation”.

A treatment is an abridged script.  It consists of a summary of each major scene of a proposed movie, descriptions of the significant characters and snippets of dialogue.  Typically a treatment runs 10 to 20 pages.

Phase 2
First Draft

If after reviewing the completed treatment, the client decides to continue the process, we enter phase 2 in which the first draft is written.  The client submits notes on the treatment and difficulties are ironed out before the writing of the first draft begins.

Phase 3
Final Draft

If the client decides to continue, he submits his notes regarding the first draft and the final draft is then written.

Phase 4

Based upon final notes from the client and notes from a professional proofreader, the draft is “polished”.  At this point a high quality screenplay in “spec” format is delivered to the client.

If you're ready to proceed with the initial Premise Evaluation,
please click on this link:   Submittal

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